Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – Why Every Small Business Needs Them

May 21, 2017 gildam

Enjoy shorter new hire training times, comforted by easier Quality Control measures, want clearly defined standards for all practices in your organization… well of course and there is no law small companies cannot use the same tools as the big ones. SOPs can help your company avoid many pitfalls and enjoy greater efficiency, but poorly written and integrated SOPs can create as much havoc as they are built to eliminate. Mold your SOPs to fit your business model, find out how they can work for your system.


What Are the Benefits of SOPs?

Many people think of SOPs as only applicable in hands-on laboratory and manufacturing contexts. However, SOPs can also cover more analytical processes, meaning that they can be applied in a variety of business contexts.

Source: eHow


5 Key Benefits of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual

A Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual sounds useful, but are there specific measurable outcomes if you have a SOP manual in place?  The answer is a very definite YES.

Source: Virtual Productivity Solutions