Standup Desks

May 21, 2017 gildam

Many of the Gildam Group have been using standup desks for years and know of the benefits personally. The personal health gains are immediate and larger than even we suspected. We have sat for many years, stood for many years and will not sit again. Beyond this is a start reality which for large organizations shows huge potential cost savings in less sick-time loss, improvements to staff output, and general overall improvement in energy levels. These are a potential boon for any organization willing to take the leap or step, as it could be said.


Standing desk health impact examined by researchers

A new study at the University of Prince Edward Island is looking at the difference standing at your desk can make to your health, and in particular at your risk of  developing diabetes.

Source: CBC


Sitting All Day Linked to Disease, Premature Death Even With Regular Exercise

Sitting on one’s butt for a major part of the day may be deadly in the long run — even with a regimen of daily exercise, researchers say.

Source: The Canadian Press (via The Huffington Post)


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Standing Desks?

We all found different, Rube Golberg-ian ways to accommodate our new desire to stand, but after some trial and error, we figured out what worked best. Like prairie dogs peeking out of the desert, we rose above the cubicle farm and out into the sunshine.

Source: Forbes