The most dangerous phrase:

We've always done it that way.

For 3000 years the fastest method of transportation was the horse. Then one day it wasn’t.


We enjoy exploring and sharing ideas, big and small, that challenge how we think about problems and solutions. Here you will find innovative and creative concepts that are smashing and rebuilding old models, redefining measures of control, and maybe even building a better horse.


All businesses - big and small, all governments, all organizations are, at their core, a system. To build a better system you have to have the understanding of deconstructing the old one down to the bone, then have the tools to build a more efficient and more profitable version for the future.


The world is constantly changing and the best business practices and models no less so. From idea, to startup, to profit: let us help you meet the challenges of a changing world.

Dogma Busting